I should do the thing

You know what, though? I like writing and I miss doing it more often. I like a lot of things that I wish I did more often, truth be told. Writing being one of them, going to shows being another, laughing with friends, taking pictures, traveling. That’s not to say I don’t do those things, because I actually do all of them… I just wish I did them MORE. “And why don’t I?” I outwardly say inwardly to myself. I dunno. I really should just do the thing because life is achingly, surprisingly, tragically short. Do the thing. DO IT. It’s just a matter of priority, I tell myself; and it takes more than just a bumper sticker that says “Prioritize You”. What that bumper sticker should also say, in subscript of greater font size than the superscript, in bold and free of parenthesis. What that bumper sticker should also say, or more correctly primarily say to the point of just outright omitting the absolutely unnecessary first statement of “Prioritize You” because of course you should, that’s what we’re all here reading this bumper sticker down even and at eye level with the curb for. What that bumper sticker SHOULD say, and will say once I get a hold of my printing guy, is “DE-prioritize the other shit”.

Because that’s the real trick.

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