wait, did you say 22 YEARS??

I have had this blog for 22 years. I have had this blog long enough for a baby born on the same day I started this thing to have grown up, graduated high school, taken a gap year backpacking around Europe, had his or her first kiss uncommonly late in life, gone to college, dropped out, fallen in love, broken up, become a NFT millionaire,fallen in love again, lost their fortune in the most recent crypto crash, and broken up again.

I really hope he or she is doing ok!

22 years. That’s just frankly obnoxious and I wonder why I keep it. I know why I tell myself I keep it: I have a list of the books I’ve read on here and use this to keep track. Never mind that I also have a Good Reads account and have since brought that list up to date, that’s hardly the point get off my back!

I also tell myself that I keep it because I host my main email through the same domain. Which I know how to transfer to another host so it’s really not a good reason and yet here we are.

Maybe it’s so I can scribble these kinds of stream of consciousness missives that no one reads every 8-12 months or so. Maybe. I don’t know. I wonder when I’ll post again?

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