So I moved to LA this weekend. Let me tell you a little about moving out of a one bedroom apartment two floors up in the rain: it sucks. Moving in to a two-bedroom apartment in mild LA weather makes up for it. Let me also tell you a little something about U-Haul by way of a rough re-creation of a phone conversation:

scene: My packed up living room, stuff everywhere. It is the night before the move. Somewhere a phone rings
U-Haul: Hi, this is Joel Mamah, your account representative for U-Haul, calling to confirm your reservation
Me: Ah yes!, good!
U-Haul: Yes, you reserved a 17′ truck. We don’t have any coming in, would a 14′ be alright.
Me: Uh… what?
U-Haul: We only have a 14′ truck. Will that be OK?
Me: But I need a 17′ truck, see? That’s why I reserved one.
U-Haul: Umm, we could throw a 4’x6′ trailer on there for you, too. How’s that?
Me: Well, at this point, I don’t really have a choice now, do I?
U-Haul: (laughing) No.

Despite this, everything worked out, though damply, so I’m not disgruntled enough to use my extreme blogging-power to blackball U-Haul, but do you think it’s possible to let a reservee know that you can’t provide your promised service maybe more than a few hours away from their projected move? I mean, at least theoretically?

At any rate, all my stuff is in a big pile in the middle of everywhere in the new place. Also, I had a brush with fame when Ariel and Andreas stopped by randomly. You see, this happens in LA. Celebrities are everywhere.

Keyser Soze Water Update The weekend has taken it's toll. A mere two bottles in the fridge, 'Keyser Soze' remains. 04.14.03 0955 hours

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