That’s not sexy

Being in a rush this morning, I picked up the colon-quivering experience which is a McDonald’s breakfast eaten in your car on the way to work. Consequently, I made my way to the bathroom this morning. Before doing so, I picked up my cell phone from my desk, put it into my back-pocket, and then thought the better of it and put it in my front pocket. There are two things troubling about this:

1. That I would take my cell-phone with me at all implies that I would use it while in the aforementioned bathroom. I don’t think I would ever actually do this, but my subconscious sure seems to think so.
2. I put the phone in my back pocket and then transferred it to my front as if I was afraid I’d sit on it. For me to do that I would still have to have my pants up around my waist as opposed to my ankles. I’m not sure what my inner-mind was planning, but I want no part of it.

Keyser Soze Water Update: oh-ho, bottles added! 12 total bottles again, 'Keyser Soze' remains. 04.11.03 at 1031 hours

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