I think that shirts with numbers on them are the quintessential height of fashion. I don’t mean basketballs jerseys or the like; I mean simple T-shirts with big number 5‘s or whatnot emblazoned on the front or back. I think they’re awesome because companies like Gap (and therefore Old Navy) say they are. Pure marketing genius. And we buy them, that’s the thing.

“Mom! Mom! Get me this shirt!”
The number 8 shirt??
“Oh, that’s an 8? At first glance I thought it was a 3. Never mind, 8’s suck.”

annnnd scene.

I love getting shirts with numbers on them because I genuinely enjoy the ridiculousness of it, and revel even more in the fact that people around me think I’m, as the kids say, hip (at least outwardly… and yes I realize the number thing is starting to get played, but humor me). It just cracks me up.

Look at me! I’m number eighteen of, err, Local Sports Team! I’m the best numerically!

Anyone out there that wants to hook me up with some sweet numbered T-shirts, I’m all for it. By way of payment, check out my cam for a view of my favorite.

PS Yes, it’s really 2:30 in the morning; and no, I don’t have anything better to do

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