For the most part, I don’t use my land-line at all, and instead defer to the cell. The reason I even have it is because, err, you’re supposed to… or something. For the most part, I just leave the ringer off, never answer it, and only use it to make outgoing calls (the cell service is horrible in a 50-yard radius around my apartment [wah-waaaah]). Now why do I leave the ringer off, you ask? Three words: telemarketers.

All day long, non-stop telemarketers call my home phone, getting intimate with my answering machine, and establishing life-long relationships with someone who never even appears to be home. Lately, because of teh recent phone interviews I’ve been having, I’ve left the phone on, lest a recruiter or Ed McMahon perchance to call. As of 2:00 today, I’ve gotten four calls; two of them recordings and two of them friendly people.

Sorry for hanging up on you, friendly people.

I know four calls is not too terribly many, but it’s still four I’d rather not get. Besides, the day is young, and the dinnering hour is still upon us. Should I get any more, they will get the same rapid-fire response they all get, “SorryIwouldn’tbeinterestedthanksbye *click*

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