North Korea Threatens to Abandon Armistice

"If the U.S. side continues violating and misusing the armistice agreement as it pleases, there will be no need for the (North) to remain bound to the armistice agreement uncomfortably," the spokesman said

Are we still really pushing on Iraq? Are we really going to continue the hypocrisy of claiming that war on Iraq is due to the imminent threat of attack while this is happening in Korea? Apparently, we are:

France Opposes New U.N. Resolution

The Bush administration was evaluating all options after being rebuffed Friday at the U.N. Security Council, where members lined up behind France's call for more weapons inspections and against military action.

The above headline should really read, Everyone Opposes War-Hungry Bush… which should get me some interesting, unrelated hits by the way.

I’ve never felt so mis-represented, or that I was being drawn inexorably by association into something so horrible. At dinner on Valentine’s Day, my ears (as they are wont to do) drifted around the conversations near me, picking up bits here and there… I like to think of it as “being observant” as opposed to “eavesdropping”. Of the 3 tete a tetes going on around me, 100% of them were about the Iraq situation; and of those, all were against it (not to mention our own conversation, also against). “I hate to say it, but there hasn’t been a conflict since WWII that the U.S. has been justified in engaging in,” said by the man next to me. I couldn’t agree more. Since then, it’s been all about blood-money, or pushing our morality on disagreeing nations. It seems to me that if you have to push your will on to an entire nation, and still find resistance, perhaps your jive ain’t as great as you think.

While watching a report on 60 Minutes last night, ADG and I learned all about how our Gulf troops are woefully unprepared for a chemical/biological battle. They haven’t been trained, their equipment is faulty. In the 12 years since our last conflict in the Gulf, where again chemical/biological warfare was of the greatest concern, our soldiers have not been trained, their equipment is faulty. How do you scream and scream about the perils of biological warfare, and then send young men and women to fight a battle they can’t win without unnecessary loss of life?

Perhaps I should have moved to Canada after all.

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