I’m procrastinating horribly in what I perceive to be a need for a total re-write of my resume. When you haven’t gotten a job after this long, what else could it be? (don’t say “lack of marketable skills”). At any rate, what does Mr. Dave Kleeman do when he feels the need to procrastinate?
Create fantastically weird art? Sometimes, but no.
Do something hip like skulk in urban bookstores whilst looking erudite? No.
Create guitar arias like the tortured-soul blues machine you’re sure he his? No.

No, Mr. Dave Kleeman does crossword puzzles. In fact, it is very possible that Mr. Dave Kleeman is now addicted to crossword puzzles. The local paper, LA Times, NY Times,… almost all cross Mr. Dave Kleeman’s computer screen and adjoining desk every. single. day. Except weekends. But sometimes weekends.

It’s getting so bad, in fact, that I’m beginning to recognize the thinly-veiled reuse of clues. “46 across, 3-letter word, ‘Period in history’… HA! That’s just like Thursday’s, ‘Historical time’… ERA, yes!!!”

My circular file is brimming over with printed out puzzles, in various states of completion, most printed on both sides as to save wood. If there’s one thing I have plenty of, it’s scratch paper. While I could buckle down, I think I’ll instead try to come up with some other engaging pursuit… like needlepoint.

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