SJSU student dies in frat brawl

Just one more reason why I think frats/sororities are asinine. Here, someone has died (stabbed in the heart) over which Greek-named group of like-minded lemmings is better at doing keg-stands under the guise of elitist arrogance and fake community service.

Yeah, not a big fan of frats.

It’s nothing personal, really, I have some very good friends that are/were well-ingrained in the like-minded thinking of the typical fraternity. My main point of contention? That spending a week drinking more than the other guy somehow makes you an instant “brother”, not only with the local chapter, but with “brothers” nation-wide, to the point of exclusion of other non-fraternal people. People get jobs because they happen to pay the same dues. People are honored and favored because they know the exact same three letters of the greek alphabet. Well, I was a brother once, and it angers me to no end that beer bongs, date rapes, and now stabbings earn you a similar title to that which I want back more than I’m comfortable in admitting.

Yes, I realize you don’t know what I’m referring to.

I assume the hate mail from my former greek-fans will be coming in now. Please mail to: Anti-Dave?

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