The thing about getting older is the alignment. When I was younger, the alignment, for the most part, wasn’t an issue. Everything worked and hummed well together, without any real doubt that it would ever become a point of consternation. It wasn’t perfect, of course… the alignment. There were instances where the alignment was off. Once, when I was younger, the alignment was a bit off and I broke my arm. Then later, in another instance, I broke my arm again, the bones being misaligned somehow, or perhaps something in the neurons had been askew. Save for those two notable moments, however, the alignment was rather spot-on, day to day, and it was good

Running to anywhere was never an issue, nothing made me think that any boulder would be too heavy, tying my shoes was not a sit-down operation, leaping over hedges never gave me pause. Not that these things have changed now; but they do, sometimes, and temporarily. “Temporarily” may someday become “dependably”, and then it won’t be so much that the alignment is off, but that the alignment has changed; and, for any given day then, the alignment won’t be aligned so well… thatvoodoothatyoudo, so well.

And that’s the thing about getting older.

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