Well, this whole California quarters thing is becoming the blog-world’s latest meme… which I’d like to attribute (wrongly) to my overwhelmingly popularity in having mentioned it a few days ago. Either way, the results have changed “dramatically” (where by “dramatically” I mean rather “predictably” in a not all together “exciting” turn of events but it’s a slow “Tuesday” and my life is “sad” so “there you go”) since I posted about them, and now the worst (in my opinion) option is the forerunner. I loathe even to post a picture of it I dislike it so much. It depicts a money-hungry miner panning for gold next to a grizzly bear about to get shot, a sequoia about to get logged, and below a bald-eagle also about to get shot.

And some flowers. There are also flowers.

If any of you, the reading masses (where by “masses” I mean misguided “dozens” looking for floorguy.net) happened to vote for that one, it’s my duty to tell you that you were wrong. It happens. Just try harder next time.

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