When sleeping, or when in that period before sleeping where you can still hear the outside noises of events around you, but their imprint on your brain has less and less of an effect; where the sound seems to diminish as if by the turn of a volume knob though you know in your heart, or at least think you know in your heart, that that is impossible, for your body is simply a machine that functions the same, day in and day out, and the ability to actually alter the volume at which you hear things is an ability beyond the grasp of your immediate evolutionary state: when there, when doing that, do you think of the world around you as stopping when you slip into unconscious dreams(?), waiting for you to wake up and renew it’s trek around the Sun, or do you envision time and actions speeding up around you as I do(?), mentally seeing deals made and broken, alliances agreed upon and enacted, actions begun and ended all around you; and, you in the middle curled into a ball or stiff on your back or front, or spread-eagled across the soft surface of your floor, so vulnerable and slow-moving and dead to the world that teems around you, ready at any moment to turn slightly to the left and gobble you whole before you even have a chance to peel back your eyelids and greet the sun, totally unaware of the events and circumstances that conspired against you while you slumbered.

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