So it’s raining (again), here in NoCal (again)… hard (again). I’m sure this is all extremely silly for those of you in climes with actual weather systems and whatnot; but, for me it’s fairly dramatic. Well, that’s not true, really; I used to live in Texas where Weather was actually something worth talking about.

At any rate, with rain comes water, and three storms in a row now I’ve gone into my kitchen to find a fairly substantial puddle of water in the middle of the floor.

And that’s it.

No dripping, no obvious water stains, no clue as to source, and, when I clean it up, it never comes back. It’s as if someone decided to break into my apartment, throw a cup of water on the floor, and then leave without disturbing anything else. It only happens when I’m not in the apartment, and no I didn’t just run the dishwasher. Obviously, my apartment is haunted. Haunted rather poorly, granted, but haunted all the same.

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