So don’t judge me, but I’m selling some stuff on ebay. It’s highly likely that you will draw some conclusions about me based on the items I’ve once owned, but I urge you to disregard that completely and instead keep on with the fantasy that I’m some totally hott supa-star. *ahem* You know, like you’ve been doing… yeah.

Also, I have some ol’ PC video games that I’m not bothering to put on ebay, but any of you can have for, I dunno $5 and shipping? E-mail me if you’re interested and get an autographed picture suitable for framing with purchase! (how funny would that be?)

Who’s that on your wall?
Oh, that’s Dave of Stuff and Stuff
Dave of Stuf… umm, my cousin

Anyway, the games in question (PLEASE don’t judge me) are:

.: Tomb Raider Gold
.: Shrak ad-on for Quake
.: Command & Conquer
.: Command & Conquer – Red Alert
.: Red Baron II
.: Jane’s ATF
.: Starsiege Tribes

All games are in great, usable condition and come included with all documentation. Own a piece of Stuff and Stuff memorabilia today!

And thus ends my ignominious decent into hell.

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