Hi, my name is David Kleeman, and I’m a ____holic

Well, let me apologize for my recent reticence (as if that’s necessary, I’m talking to myself in here). I’ve been (and am) in Austin, TX since last Monday, and computer access has been fairly sporadic since then. Not to mention that I’ve been in stomache-churningly stressful negotiations for the better part of a week. I didn’t get exactly what I wanted, but compromise is all about give and take, right?

SO, despite the fact that it is overwhelmingly pathetic that you, the faceless masses, should hear this before my friends do (both real and imagined): *insert trumpet fanfare* I have a job.

I have a job in Canada.

I have a job in Victoria, Canada.

Weid, wild stuff. I was officially unemployed for 315 days, and though I’m elated with the impending steady-income, I’m a little fearful of that whole “go to work everyday” concept. I hope they have Tivo in Canada, ’cause otherwise I’ll miss my two daily hours of M*A*SH!

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