Yes. Well as has been variously reported, yes I really did find a job. Yes that job really is in Canada. Yes that means I’ll be leaving my beloved California. And yes, my new favorite fake reason for leaving the US (supplied by ADG) is that as long as Bush is in office, I’m keeping well away. So there’s that.

The prospect of moving to another country (even if it is only Canada; and not, say, Uruguay) is simultaneously exciting and terrifying… though no terrifying in the sense that I feel any particular difficulties will arise, or that I’ll be unhappy, but terrifying in that I really like to know things about things, and I don’t know jack-shit about “immigration” or “who to call to get your phone turned on” and little details like that. All things that will be taken care of in due course, but it’s a little daunting to have to play a game you’re used to by a whole new set of rules.

I do look forward to calling myself a Canadian-American, though. Cheeky.

At any rate, Thanksgiving was awesome, and Austin, TX is so much better than the Wichita Falls (and to a lesser degree San Antonio) I used to live in. I was expecting cowboy hats and rampant ignorance, but instead found cosmopolitan liberality and beautiful settings. They do have a dangerously unhealthy predilection for college football, though; and, apparently I’m told that it’s excellent that UT beat Texas A&M; 50-20. UCSB not even having a football team, I have yet to catch the fever… but I’m learning.

To continue, I now know where Georgetown, Round Rock, and College Station are. I can discourse semi-intelligently about Barton Springs and Lake Travis; and nod wisely when Austin is referred to as “the live music capital of the world”. So there you go.

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