I was just channel-surfing and happened to catch a hunter take out a turkey on ESPN2. What’s up with that? He was giggling like a maniac when he came up on it, stroking its dead feathers, checking out its dead claws, admiring its dead girth. He had this to say about his accomplishment:

Well he was just coming down here out of the woods. He’s alone and lonely, and looking for love… *looks directly in camera and winks* and baby, I’m a lover. *maniacal laughter continues*

I’ve never understood hunting. Or rather, I’ve understood it in the academic sense, but I’ve never been interested in hunting down another living creature with an overwhelmingly unfair advantage. So, for me it’s odd to see a grown-man actually giggling over a dead animal, and recounting his kill in a fervor of rich description.

Kissing the tukey’s foot when he hoisted it over his shoulder was a nice touch, too, by the way.

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