Happy Birthday

Totally unexpected but totally appreciated, I got a belated birthday gift from Erica. Thank you!

I’ve “known” Erica for quite a while now (at least in blog-years), and she’s been a great friend.

Which is why I shall now embarass her.

Behold, my first mention on her blog:

Oh, one last thing. Check out David’s weblog. I was entertained all day today with his writings. I couldn’t wait to get home this afternoon and see if he posted today. Since I spent my whole day obsessing over him, I sent him an email. OK, I wasn’t obsessing but it sure feels like that at times when you read so much about someone you don’t know. You MUST know what I’m talking about if you’re sitting there reading my blog! So we’ll see if he writes back. Even if he doesn’t write back, his log is good. Check it out.

Thanks again!

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