Doin’ it up East Coast Style
Hi from Washington D.C. where, as mentioned, I’m residing for this week.

Tangent: Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes. It truly is the though that counts, and I greatly appreciate it. For those of you that did send me gifts (love ya!) I’ll be appreciative when I get them…which will be next week. Thanks!

At any rate, ADG and I are heavily steeped in patriotism, and have visited a good portion of the myriad of our Nation’s capitol’s sights (wel that was a grammatical nightmare).

Of special interest was the Korean War Memorial, where an incredulous tourist was questioning an increasingly annoyed stranger-tourist about the actual death figures displayed with infuriating remarks like, “I’m just having trouble believing that many people could have died…that just can’t be right.” And my personal fave, “…but according to the M*A*S*H show…”

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