It is a little known fact that I’ll be going on “vacation” (and I use vacation in the loosest sense of the word, seeing as I have no job to take a vacation from) to Washington D.C. next week. As my parents live there, it will be a chance to see them; and, it will also be a chance for ADG to see them, as she’s going with me. She’s already had the pleasure of meeting my dad, but has yet to meet my mom. Inexplicably, she doesn’t seem at all nervous about this, so I must commend her for her courage.

This won’t be our first joint vacation, but it will be our longest, which I mention only as a data-point, and not to express any concern over the matter. 9-ish days with my favorite person sounds like something to get excited about, rather than worried, to me.

As I mentioned, my parents live there, so I’ve visited several times… not yet seeing everything, but the big stuff at the very least. Somehow, it’s not something you really get tired of doing… seeing these same attractions again and again. It’s not unlike going to Europe, I’d say, though I’d hardly equate D.C. to say Paris… Although I can think of no other city that has the same amount of world-reknown monuments in such close proximity:

Moi: Paris, I see your Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, Notre Dame, and Louvre and raise you a US Capitol, White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Vietnam Memorial, and all 14 buildings of the Smithsonian.
Paris: Sacre bleu!

Also in the category of little known trivia, my 28th birthday is coming up in something like two days. Go figure.

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