How serendipitous

So I like to cook. Not the most manly thing to do, I’m sure, but the ladeez seem to like it. Besides, I have all these tattoos and piercings to make up for it.

At any rate, my interests being as such, I like to cook at least a few meals when I go to visit my parents Only a few, of course, as I wouldn’t want to miss out on take-out Chinese. I get the added benefit, with these cross-country cookings, of reinforcing the fact that I can indeed take care of myself, and lo and behold, must not be 10 after all… I mean just look at the way he handles that knife and those boiling pans of something or other! He must be in his pre-teens at least!

Back on track: I was just typing out a recipe when I realized that this was exactly the type of stuff that used to be a computer’s main selling point. Remember that? Store all your recipes in one convenient place! the ads would say. Forget large cookbooks, store all your favorite dishes on several floppy disks! I’m glad I could finally fulfill my machine’s destiny…

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