Big ideas come from small people

I was motivated, today, to think about the nature of self, and, the innate potential of humanity. So many times (at least personally), we (or I) have ideas or thoughts that pop into our heads, or come through long deliberation. Thoughts that make us stop and say , “huh…wait, what?”… thoughts that, to us, seem profound, possibly revolutionary; and, at the very least, worth some good, hard, exploration. We dismiss those thoughts, nine times out of ten, with phrases like, “Well, if it was that clever, someone would have thought of it by now,” or, “I’m just a _____ what would I know about ____?”. Then, we laugh at ourselves, and shrug our ideas off, assuming our own plain-ness and stupidity, and continuing instead to remain in our allotted boxes. Hopefully, we were smart enough not to share our pie-in-the-sky with friends or coworkers, where we are sure we would have been ridiculed for our creativity.

But why should it be that way?

The world was flat until someone had the courage to intimate it wasn’t. Fire was a mystery until, for someone, it suddenly wasn’t. Why, then, can’t we be that someone? We’re not scientists you say. Perhaps not, but we’re all explorers, and no one knows the nature of at least your existence better than you do yourself. Besides, “scientist” is just a word.

Therefore, I have a suggestion. I suggest we all explore our ideas, we all take a chance on thinking of something new, we all explore our minds and feeligs and thoughts to their fruition without fear of reproach or dismissal. I think, really, that it’s our individual destinies to do so… and, even if it’s not, is it really all that bad of a thing to do anyway?

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