Named, me thinks, in several places as one of the so-called Top 100 books of all Time (an honor, as an aside, increasingly hard to obtain and keep as time increases, with volume of candidates following closely), Ulysses was banned from print in all English-speaking countries until 1934, for crimes of obscenity.

For crimes of obscenity.

A book now touted by some to be one of the most influential novels of the 20th century was quite recently unprintable due to obscenity. This makes me wonder, perhaps correctly (or not as the case may be) whether our current moral fiber is now loose and wispy like the wind, or are we rather more cultured and erudite with our increased age? The latter seems unlikely… ’cause if you’ve been to Wal*Mart, we’re anything but cultured when compared with the pre-WWI days (of course there is the venerable Le Target to redeem us).

In either case, I am on page 24… of 783. Judgement to be rendered upon completion.

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