I will reserve judgment until I get some more insight, but people please: what is up with the stuffed animals in your car’s back window? I mean what is that? Granted, maybe I’m missing something…scratch that…I’m definitely missing something ’cause I just don’t get it.

scene opens: a Chuckie Cheese. Kids run to and fro, jumping in various ball bins and playing video games. A twenty-something man stands huddled in a corner, his concentration fixed on the contraption in front of him – a “claw machine” where you try to grab stuffed animal prizes by use of a mechanical claw

Man: (to self) Easy….eassssy..that’s it. Soon you will be mine Toucan Sam Knock-Off!
scene: the claw comes to rest over a plush toy, then slowly descends, it’s jaws gaping wide in hopes of capturing it’s prey. Gingerly, the claw arises again, it’s charge imprisoned within
Man: YES!!!! I have the PERFECT place for this! Right next to my Kleenex boxes in my Tercel’s back window!
scene: jealous looks are abundant from those nearby: unlucky, unskilled, and un-Toucaned. He pities them.

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