We are the champions

In a flurry of self-sycophantic activity, I did my bi-annual self-Google-search. Where I was well buried the last time I did this, falling well behind another David Kleeman and his various hits related to his being the Executive Director of the American Center for Children and Media, this time yours truly is top of the heap.

You realize what this means, of course?

I am The Most Famous David Kleeman in Existence!!!

And how many people can say that, really? (here’s a hint: ONE, it’s me). OK, so granted, the link points at my old geocities site, but still, it gets to me eventually. Besides, good old floorpie.net is steady at number four.

Speaking of which, I’m also king of the “floorpie” mountain (beating out those bastards nice people at floorpie.com who somehow registered the name almost immediately after I mentioned I was thinking about it…and then offered to sell it to me for $200. But I digress… Stuff and Stuff is also under my control, though merely “stuff” puts me in at an embarrassing 50. The moral of the story?

I am The Most Famous David Kleeman in Existence!!!

And seriously, that’s at least a (very) little cool.

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