I think it’s weird that sour cream can go, errr, sour. For that matter, that sourdough bread can go stale, or that raisins can get a little too old. Or beer. Or wine aged beyond perfection.

OK, so it’s not weird per se, I realize what’s happening: the foodstuffs are decaying beyond palatability. It’s just odd to me is all. In most cases, you eat food when it’s fresh; if you don’t catch it in time, it goes bad…end of story.

With these other foods, however, we want them to decompose and decay (and let’s not kid ourselves, despite the kindly term “aged” it’s “decay” that’s really happening). It’s as if there’s this Window of Decomposition where the food we eat has rotted just enough, but not rotted too much. I think that’s funny.

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