What every happened to Sacagawea?

According to various articles the new dollar “bill” just wasn’t as popular as the gub’ment had hoped. One source goes on to pin the blame on Americans inherent resistance to change.

What utter crap.

I don’t think my having seen exactly three gold coins in the two years since their introduction has anything to do with my resistance to change. And I hardly think that if the mint started hoarding the paper version and replacing them with coins that we’d exactly throw up our arms and refuse to buy Doritos anymore. As they say, if you build it they will come.

People point to the successful introduction of the Euro in, err, Europe and say why couldn’t we be like that? Well, if they took away all our play money and gave us the real stuff like they did across the pond, we would be like that.

Same goes for cell-phones. Americans aren’t ready for all the features and small sizes seen in Japan. Like hell I’m not! If you sell it to me, I guarantee I’d like it. How can we be punished for crimes we haven’t even had the chance to commit?! (yes, fine, Minority Report, but we’re talking consumerism here).

The personal hypocrisy here is that if and when Sacagawea finally gains a foothold, I’ll probably be complaining about that. A lingering theme through my stories of lingerings overseas has to do with how you’d start the day with 20 bucks and end the day with two fist-fulls worth of coins. But I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.

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