So long long ago, I launched the First Annual Kiss-Off; a contest where the ratio of the number of people you’ve kissed (and I mean, as the French do) to the number of years you’ve been on the dating scene. Obviously, the more of a promiscuous rogue you are, the higher your KiPY (Kisses Per Year)… and you should be rewarded for that!

As such, I proposed, with every earnestness in my heart, to award valuable prizes to the winners (and losers) of the First Annual Kiss-Off to be recieved at a later date. Well, as this whole so-called “unemployed” thing has begun to drag annoyingly on, I’ve come to the realization that valuable prizes may not be forthcoming as quickly as we all would have liked. Nevertheless, credit should be given where credit is due. Now, understand first that everyone who participated is a winner; but, more specifically, most of you lost. So, along with the IOU’s I’ve sent to them, here are the real winners!

Overall Winner and Top Slut, male: Jeff of cloudwrangler

Overall Winner and Top Slut, female: Tina of volatile

Overall Loser and Top Prude, female: Jessica of Soulful Spell

Overall Loser and Top Prude, male: Nick of A Simple Hero


PS (notice colors are in descending orders of “hotness”. Hot damn that Dave’s clever!)

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