Aaron Brothers 1¢ Frame Sale – A breakdown:

Cost of one theoretical frame: $19.99

Cost of a second frame at equal or lesser value:

TOTAL: $20.00

Adjusted cost per frame (20.00/2): $10.00

Assuming 60% margin, REAL cost of frame: $3.00

TOTAL SCREWING despite the 1¢ frame sale ($20.00-2x$3.00): $14.00 (ie 466% overcharge)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Assumes 60% profit margin. Does not, in fact, allow for any profit. Numbers used for illustration purposes only

So what’s the point? The point is, that no matter how good the deal sounds, They will always come out on top. It’s not as if frames are fruit and they’ll go bad unless dramatically reduced in price. It’s not as if frames in inventory can’t stay in inventory a little bit longer. It’s not as if Aaron Brother’s needs to get rid of perfectly good frames for what is effectively free. Therefore, one has to wonder: why are they doing this? Because, gentle readers, suckers like me that go in there just to look at something and maybe get a drawing pad, end up walking out with $50 worth of canvases and frames I don’t need right now because I think I’m getting such a great deal.

Until I’m walking to my car.

And remembering I’m unemployed.

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