ADG and I saw Minority Report last night, which I enjoyed more than she (largely due to me being more of a dork no doubt).

Personally, I thought the movie was visually stunning, and, some aspects of it’s prediction of the future seemed extremely probable…and therefore disturbing. For instance, the clever detail of individualized push-advertising has haunting similarities to Amazon’s customized recommendations and the customer-specific pop-up ads now on the horizon. Also, the human-computer interface via hand gestures and spoken word seem very near future (considering the recent crop of arcade games in which your body movements translate to the screen), and, the inter-city transit system in which cars are automatically driven via autopilot is already being tested in a limited capacity in San Diego.

Besides the technical details, the story was very engaging (to me anyway, the guy snoring two seats over may have had a different opinion), and although some of the larger points were guessable, the devil’s in the details. If you catch a matinee like we did, I would definitely recommend it.

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