I’ve been accused recently (and rightly) of divulging nothing remotely personal on this website. This, I posit, is at least partially true, and due largely no doubt to this blog being a victim of it’s own success. Friends read it, family reads it, you read it…not that I’m complaining, of course… I knew that that would happen before I started, and for better or worse, that’s what makes this medium so much the more attractive.

After looking back in my archives, I need to re-state my hypothesis: relative popularity has nothing to do with the impersonal nature of this blog; it has, in fact, never been too terribly personal.

So, for those that are curious:

– I am allergic to penicillin

– I am allergic to chocolate milk, though not allergic to chocolate or milk…or for that matter chocolate milk either.

– I was born in St. Louis but never lived there

– I met my girlfriend on an airplane

Ariel created a facetious fan club that I’m fairly certain she still doesn’t know about.

– I have a cousin that I haven’t seen in probably 20 years, then one in 15…then 10-ish

And that’s about as far as I can continue the inanity. As you can see, it’s either difficult for me to state facts about myself, or I am really really boring. It’s probably a little of both, but I prefer to think the former. So, as a gesture of good will towards you, the reading public: I will, for a short time only, answer any personal question asked me via the comments. Do take advantage of this unique opportunity, as I doubt it will be seen again any time soon. Fire away!

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