Communicating with someone you care about can be very difficult at times. You are more sensitive about their words and reactions to you because you care more about what they say and feel about you… both positively and negatively. I said something similar once to Erica, in fact.

Unfortunately, the negative reactions are somehow more glaring than the positive ones, as if the positive is perhaps taken for granted. The negative, though, the negatives mean everything, and are remembered forever.

Somehow, your heart racing when you’re kissed and your mind reeling when you touch, doesn’t counteract your feeling wounded at being teased or grimacing at a look.

And there’s the rub.

Somehow, only the negatives are remembered, and they mean the world, while the positives are dismissed and unconsidered. What’s more, neither side can see this trait in themselves, only the frustration of their new enemy at being denied their accusation. But then, I am repeating myself.

The true test, it would seem, is whether or not this destroys you, and that is where Destiny and Faith come into play…at least in our mortal coil. And so it goes…

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