I’ve made a somewhat depressing observation, lately, here in the land of “milk and honey” (aka “silicon rummy” [well, it rhymes anyway {speaking of which, what rhymes with orange? splorange, that’s what!}]), the non-proliferation of new billboard ads.

In fact, said non-proliferation has escalated to such an extreme that it is no longer even just a matter of waning ad rollover, it is instead a problem of the absence of ads all together!

I’m sure you share my shock and dismay.

Where previously you were guaranteed to be assaulted by a multitude of technology-themed advertisements whilst traveling to and from San Francisco from your Silicon Valley cave, you are now not-so-much-assaulted-as-mildly-perturbed by one or two Got Milk? ads, and a disturbing number of ads for nothing…that is to say, blank billboards, with only a number to call should you be interested in un-blanking them.

This trend corresponds directly to the drop in available jobs, housing prices, and inexplicably, the continued rise of fuel prices. I suppose this would depress me further if my company was one of the ones who had a financial need to drop even their advertising; but, luckily fo rme, I’m unemployed and therefore have not those kinds of problems. Ahem.

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