Well the goal of 20 participants has more or less been reached in the First Annual Kiss-Off. As I’m sure you’re aware this now guarantees that valuable prizes will be awarded. Also, as suggested by one of you. There will be prizes for the winner, as well as the loser (or rather the “slut” and the “prude” as I prefer to think of them). The current top and bottom few are as follows:

1. Bill 4.6

2. Norman 4.5

3. Jonathan 3

16. Jessica 0.67

17. Sarah 0.71

18. Rouslan 0.43

with the non-weighted average being 2.02 as of this writing. As you can see, and contrary to popular opinion, the gentlemen are the bigger ho’s…save for Rouslan (current #18) who is forgiven as he is luckily engaged.

At any rate, the contest shall continue until at least the end of the week, so, go out there and win win win!

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