Places I used to love to eat as a kid and now…not so much


Um, what? Did I really used to like this crap? Soggy buns and gray hot dogs make Dave a dull boy.

.:Taco Bell:.

OK, I still love Taco Bell, but I have a feeling that the interest will eventually fade. I just can’t manage it like I used to if you knowwhatImean. This one time, at band camp, my roommate and I went to Taco Bell and each got two 12-packs of tacos: 12 hard and 12 soft. We then went back to our apartment and sat at either end of our coffee table, stared at each other in silence, and ate every. single. one. 24 tacos each. Let me summarize the salient points of this experience for you: the half-life of Taco Bell cheese is about 3 tacos long…eat any more than that, and each subsequent shell is covered by a strange, yellowy, disgusting plastic.


Never have I seen a more pathetic site than the famous beef bowl in all it’s gray, stringy splendor. Back in the day, this used to be haute cuisine. Now it is just fuel…barely.

Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head…what foods do you now cringe at?

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