Every so often I randomly post about TV shows from back in the day. I inexplicably put up a picture from the series, lyrics to the theme music, and good times are had by all. and yes, I usually do this when I’m hard-up for blog ideas, how’d you guess?

I was watching the greatest show on television (MASH) today, and was wishing it had a lyrical theme song; when, I got to thinking about the obligatory femme fatale: Hot Lips Houlihan.

Let me first reitereate: Greatest. Show. On. Television. I could watch it everyday for the rest of my life. I don’t know why, and frankly I don’t care, but I swear every time I watch it, I’m in Korea (or more correctly, the Hollywood hills). Sure there have only been about 3 instances where a black soldier strolled by in the background, but, at least the asian population is represented, and that’s better than 90% of the shows on television, right?

Anyway, the camp infatuation is Hot Lips. I can understand the attraction, of course: stranded in a foreign country, away from your wife, surrounded by death and destruction; and, here comes this incredibly abrassive, frizzy-haired, olive drab garbed woman, that wants nothing to do with anyone. Love at first sight. Nevertheless, it occurs to me: Hot Lips ain’t that hot.

I can’t help thinking MASH missed the boat when it came to the show’s sex symbol, especially when the camp was crawling with bit-player nurses who were obviously aspiring actress/models. What’s more, the televiosn climate of the time had many other gorgeous leading ladies in similar time slots. The mind boggles.

So, I propose a vote. Please see the contestants below, which represent Major Houlihan and my main crushes from back in the day, and choose accordingly. I think you will agree that MASH could have done better.

The Contestants:

Vote for only one:

1. Major “Hot Lips” Houlihan

2. Colonel Wilma Deering

3. Daisy Duke

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