*beep* You. Have…One. Message:

“Hi, this is Jack Daniels calling from Trick The Elderly, Inc.

You may recall receiving and approval letter stating that you’ve been approved to consolidate your credit card down to as low as 1.5%. Umm, I’m really surprised you haven’t called…because this is not a new loan, and, you’ve already been pre-approved by a non-profit angency. In order to lower your rates before your next billing cycle, I do need to find out what your balances are presently. So, if you could please have your statements available when you call, that would be great.

Again, this is Jack Daniels, and my toll free number is: 1.800.FUC.KYOU I can be reached until 10 PM EST, Monday through Friday. Thanks and have a great day!”


And he’s called at least a half-a-dozen times over the last few months. Some day, I shall catch him, try out my old-man voice, and slowly waste his time to my own glee…

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