So…you remember the airport girl (to now be referred to as “ADG”)? Well, as seen on my increasingly funny fan club, people (read: two) are clamoring for details.

Tangent: Again, color me shocked that 22 of you (well 21 if you don’t count me) were interested in actually joining said club. I can promise you that the creator will keep you entertained. Further, if you want to help her take the joke to its hilarious zenith, you should definitely get some gear for SXSW. I unfortunately won’t be going; but, if you send me a picture of you there wearing a floorpie shirt, I will definitely catapult you into deserving fame and fortune, as well as send you some manner of reward. But I digress…

To continue, I hesitate to write too much about ADG, for a couple of reasons:

(1) she doesn’t know about this page, yet…although tonight I laughingly suggested she Google-search me for felonies. Consequently, umm, hi.

(2) I don’t want to screw it up

It’s interesting, really: how I try to balance the the guilt of not dishing the dirt, with the respect of not talking about someone I like without there knowing it. I intend to take care of the “there not knowing it” part when next we meet (tomorrow night…just a little something for the gossip hounds). So, until that gets rectified, I remain mostly mum.

*later that night*

OK, just this once…it’s mostly OK when it’s all good comments, right?

Friday night, ADG picked me up looking absolutely gorgeous. She was taking me to Berkeley to see Rhinocerous, a play by Eugene Ionesco. This gave us a good hour and a half of talking in traffic, which I found awesome. A few mis-starts in the form of a 45 minute wait for Italian, and a general disinterest in Indian, found us eating sushi, and having a good time. So far so great.

Follow this with a few hours of sitting in the dark with someone who was becoming more attractive (likes sushi and theatre? excellent) as the night continued. The play was actually very good. Slightly long (2.5 hours), but not frustratinginly so. It was an interesting poke at railing against conformity, in which the hero tries desperately to resist turning into a rhinocerous like the rest of the town. Funny. Inexplicably, the program had pictures of elephants on the cover, but we attributed this to the scripted mention of “paciderms”.

After this, we drove around the Berkeley/Oakland hills for a bit, admiring the view, and learning more about each other.

Drive back down to Silicon Valley, stop at Krispy Kreme, stay up until 3:30 talking in my apartment. Fin.

So, she’s great, and that’s all you get for now.

and then I saw her the next day and very briefly the next, but that’s another story…

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