When are the pancakes coming in the mail? -Homer Simpson

I return triumphant.

Well, I’m back anyway. LA was gorgeous as always; and, for all you anonymous haters of the LA scene complaining of the crowds, the smog, the crime, the vapid blondes…oops, you’re wrong.

Spending time with true friends, is always a recharging experience. They know who you are, and what you’re about, and love you anyway. Of course, now I’m back and unemployed again, but this last weekend will serve as added motivation in hopefully finding a job in SoCal.

Screen goes wavy. “Friday, February 2nd, somewhere over California” appears briefly and then fades out. Scene opens in a plane. Our hero sits by the window in an emergency row with a group of three seats facing a similar group.

internal dialogue: There is an attractive girl sitting across from me reading a Kurt Vonnegut book (Breakfast of Champions). Obviously, she is my Dream Girl, and, I have absolutely nothing to say to her… I’m watching her face react to what she’s been reading, as she’s very expressive. I’ll have to tell her as much if she catches me staring.


Girl: Do you know the name of that island?

Dave: (sputtering) uhhhh, umm (looks out window to see what looks like the Santa Barbara coast) umm, I think that’s Santa Cruz island?

Girl: (incredulous) Santa Cruz?!

Dave: ummm, yes. It’s part of an island chain, there are a bunch of them out there…you know, like Catalina? They’re all part of the same chain.

Girl: Oooh…Hmm, I never knew that was there.

Dave: (babbling) Oh, there’s nothing out there, really; just a weather station or something. People go out there sometimes to go snorkeling or diving and whatnot. I should really be more sure about the name of that island, I used to go to school in Santa Barbara which was really nice exceptthatafterawhileyouforgetaboutthebeachbecauseyou’retoobusy (etc)


scene opens at the baggage carousel. Our hero, and the Girl, have retrieved their bags and parting is imminent

Dave: Well, here’s the part where I make an ass of myself…

Girl: Really? How? Why?

Dave: Err, this is where I nervously ask you if I could call you sometime.

Girl: (pauses thoughtfully) OK

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