Thrilling Ankle Update

I took a shower, this morning, for the first time since last Sunday.

OK that’s a little misleading. To be more clear, today is literally the first time in over a week that I have washed myself.

Just kidding…up until today, I’ve been sheepishly taking baths, unable to stand on my ankle enough to support myself for any length of time. It’s been a sorry site: me hopping or crutching into the bathroom, laying a towel over the track for the glass door on my bath/shower, gingerly kneeling on said towel as I swing my “good” leg into the tub for support, slowly lowering myself into too hot or too cold water while simultaneously keeping the ankle elevated, wash rinse reverse.

Don’t get me wrong, baths are fine. Go in there with a book and some spare time and it’s like a hot tub sans bubbles. Trying to clean yourself, however, is a different story. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe I’m not as clean as I once was, back when I used to take baths regularly…back when I was still trying to master things like speech, walking, and feeding myself without a bib. In either case, soaking myself in soon-to-be dirty water just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. So, imagine my disproportionate glee at being able to haltingly take a shower.

Granted, if I’d known then what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have risked it. The ankle started to throb somewhere during hair conditioning, and I was forced to pull it up how the heroine getting kissed by the hero in old movies used to do. This made things a little squirrely in there, especially when I had to close my eyes, putting Balance on temporary hiatus. I made it through, though; so I have that to congratulate myself on.

And, if you read this boring little shower saga all the way to the end…well I guess that’s a small victory, too.

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