SoCal is all about the summer. The whole year is pretty much ideal, but the summer is especially so, and with each passing day it’s getting close. But alas, it’s not quite here, yet. The days are warm and sunny (60’s), but the nights are fairly cold (low 50’s).

I know I have a certain responsibility to now insert a paragraph giving a shout to all the people living in Michigan or Main or something, and say how I know it’s not really cold in SoCal, and I’m just a whining baby. But today, I’ve decided to say to hell with that. Like everyone else here, I wasn’t born in LA. I moved here by choice, and you have the same one. And what’s more, if I took my rent with me to whatever part of cold-ass Wisconsin you’re in, I’d be living in a mansion. So remember, I pay for the privilege of complaining about “cold” being 62F.

To continue, though, the water’s still too cold to abandon the 3:2 full, but I’m really looking forward to it when it isn’t. BBQ’s every week, beach days, bike rides on the strand. There is no surer cure for depression.

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