Two Guys Doing Inventory of the Snowboard Pants

Guy 1: Dude, have you ever thrown anything at a car before?

Guy 2: Yeah…

Guy 1: On purpose?

Guy 2: How the hell do you throw something at a car on accident?!

Guy 1: (laughs) Dude, there was this crab-apple tree, right? And the thing to do was to huck the rotten crab apples hecka far. So, this one time, we were throwing apples, and I chucked one hecka high, right? I mean this thing was totally hecka high up, and just as it started to come back down, a car turned the corner…

Guy 2: Uh-oh (chuckling)

Guy 1: It totally hit the car right in the windshield! (cracking up) We didn’t know what to do, so I pulled on my buddy and we just started walking the other way like nothing happened. We were the only two guys on the street!

Guy 2: (laughing) Did they go after you?!

Guy 1: Totally, and they were all, “What the fuck?!”, but it was really just an accident, so… (pause) What did you do?

Guy 2: I egged a car once…

Guy 1: On purpose?

Guy 2: Yeah on purpose! (whispers) we were egging houses, and we drove by this car and I chucked one at it

Guy 1: Was there anybody in it?

Guy 2: Naw, but I threw it, and the window was open. It went right through the window and exploded inside!

Guy 1: Yo, that’s hecka mean! (laughing)

pause, while they chat with the manager for a few moments. Dave stifles laughter while browsing through the ski gloves, and tries to commmit everything to memory

Guy 1: So, I threw a milkshake into a car filled with people once…

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