Merry Christmas…eve

I stood in a ham line today.

I generally try to avoid meat in my every day personal life (more or less), but all bets are off when I�m visiting my parents. Not that they eat meat much either, except for the occasional ground turkey substituting for beef in their rice and vegetable dishes.

The holidays, though, require either a turkey or a ham. Actually, let me amend that; the holidays require the formality of asking whether we should make a turkey or a ham, after which we always settle on ham in the interests of simplicity.

Imagine my surprise when my mother was able to cut even more work out of the process by no longer even cooking the ham herself, but instead buying it from the local hamatorium. Thus the ham line. Apparently, pig-balls are very popular this time of year; necessitating reservation times to pick-up said balls, ordering in advance, and then the aforementioned queue.

Putting your and my personal feelings about eating animals aside, I still found it humorous to be in a line solely for the purpose of obtaining ham.

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