So Merry Belated Christmas. We’re currently in Day 7 of my 10 day Family Adventure. To date, it’s actually been fun and relaxing…so much so that I remarked to my mother, “Well, we only have a day and a half to get into an argument. (pause, pause) Speaking of which, can you believe how George W is…”

Some people marvel at how little I see the rest of the family, and that I remain sequestered along the west coast. Understnad that it’s not necessarily a conscious decision, as though I’m keeping myself away. It’s just that we’re, (a) all largely independent, (b) flying across the country isn’t the same as walking over to the next block, and (c) I’m keeping myself away…if I stayed here longer I’d go crazy!

It’s just a different way of living, I suppose. Having moved so many times during my formative years as an Air Force brat, you learn to keep relationships over long distances. Personally, I think all you people who see your parents every weekend are loons.

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