This is the first time in a long time that I’ve Christmas shopped entirely via brick and mortar stores. Last year, in fact, I’m fairly sure I never even left my apartment. For some reason, though, this year I had some strange sort of laziness overtake me; where, by my deluded logic, it was less of a pain to actually go out shopping instead of dragging myself the 10 feet from my couch to my computer. Two observations:

1. I can’t find a gawwwwwwdam thing without

2. Where did all of the Salvation Army Santa’s go?


Seriously, though, where are the ringing Santa’s? As I mentioned, this being the first year in a while that I’ve even ventured to the vicinity of the mall during Christmas, there may have been some agreement set in place years ago that I was unaware of, that eradicated the Salvation Army from all store fronts. Either way, I haven’t seen a single one! Not in front of Macy’s, not in front of Nordstrom’s…not even in front of Le Target. It’s rather surreal, actually…

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