Stuff and Stuff Answers real Reader Questions

To my overwhelming surprise, some people actually took me up on my offer and sent in some questions. They were all about me, but perhaps we could expand this into broader spectrums. If I receive enough questions, I could turn it into a little Ask Stuff and Stuff side project. After all, I’m a reasonably smart guy, living on my own, done a thing or two. I know, err, stuff.

At any rate, Jennifer wants to know:

Can you turn your eye lids inside out? I always found that a bit creepy. I can’t do it, but I’ve never really strived to.

Stuff and Stuff responds:

Dear Janine,

Thank you so much for your inquiry. A lot of young women are curious about the same thing, and never know who to turn to for the answer. Luckily S&S; can help you:

About a half a teaspoon, Amy. just a little over a half a teaspoon.

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