I had no idea who she was; but, she seemed to know me.

“Hey,” she said, and that confused me. If she’d said “hello?” the last syllable rising into a question, then we would have been on equal footing; but she didn’t, she greeted me with a definitive “hey” that said “Hi David Kleeman, whom I’ve known long enough to recognize your number immediately. How are you today, and what can I do for you please?” Well, she clearly wasn’t who I thought I’d been calling, but seemed to be someone I knew, so that at least narrowed down the field a bit.

“Um, hey, so…how ya doin’?” I stumbled, mind racing to think of my next sentence. It would have to be something non-committal until I could glance down at my phone and see who I was talking to. That, unfortunately, would take a red light that I clearly wasn’t going to find on the freeway.

“Gooood, how are you?”


“Good, good, hehe,” pause pause pause oh dear GAWD interminable pause , “uh, uh…where are you?”

“Still at home.”

ah-HA! still at home! She must be my co-worker/friend who works from home several days of the week! Things were making sense rapidly now, her name is an alphabetical cousin to the person I thought I was calling, she would recognize my voice (and come to think of it, she does suddenly sound familiar), she’s a girl, I’d be in her cell-phone, she’s someone I might call, oh glorious day! Waitaminute…wasn’t I having a conversation? Yikes!

“Oh! Cool, so are you coming in to work today?”

And so it goes…

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