I saw a lecture by Karim Rasheed (care-um raw-sheed) tonight. This is the second time that I’ve seen him speak, and it was awesome both times. For those of you not in the know, Karim (we’re on a first-name thing, you see) is a well-known designer of a multitude of differnet things (be it consumer products, buildings, interiors, art, etc). He’s probably best known for the Garbo/Garbino trash bin, and if you look hard enough you’ll probably see one within 5 minutes of yourself.

What made tonight even better was that he was signing his new book. So, he and I bro’d-out a bit, and he signed my book. It was strange really, this lecture was given at Stanford and the auditorium was filled with what I presumed to have been mostly product design grad students that hadn’t actually worked in the industry as of yet. Then there I was, an interloper of sorts, who actually was in the industry and probably had a greater appreciation for his work because of it. In short, I was a bit star-struck.

Some things to hear and see when at a lecture:

.: They have a cafe in there

:. Was it good?

.: It smelled good

.: nerd-speak: I’ve designed a drivetrain where all of it’s within the front wheel.

.: When you go to the trouble to sit at the front of an auditorium, word of advice: don’t fall asleep you dork.

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