Well that sucks. Someone registered the .com and .org versions of the domain name I wanted, not a week after mentioned it here. Just goes to show you kids, keep your big mouth shut. I’ve registered the .net version (wah-waaaaaah), and e-maield the .com guy to see if he wants to trade. I expect a request for an outrageous selling price. Ah well, live and learn…


The names of the innocent have been changed to protect their identity

From: G

To: D

Subject: xxxxxxxx.com

Dear Super Dave Osborne,

I have talked to my accociate, and we have decided that if you can offer a

reasonable price for the domain name, xxxxxxxx.com. we will consider selling

it to you. Please can the offer be in British pounds sterling (�).


Gary Coleman

sigh I was afraid it would come to this. It’s not that important to me, I would just like it. I plan to offer the cost of registering and transferring, and call it a day. To the vigilante go the spoils of war.

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