Yes, you’ll have a beautiful view of the beach…from the electric needle room

I’ve had them before, and I’ll have them again. Tonight, I had a pretty awesome Bachelor Moment. Being too lazy to cook anything substantial, too tired to go out, not interested in pizza, and having already eaten all my emergency peanuts, I broke down and made the out-of-college equivalent of Top Ramen, (I know what you’re thinking, and it’s not Mac n Cheese, but you’re close, it’s:) pasta.

Heat transfer ensued for almost ten minutes, and I went to prepare a bowl (and by “prepare” I mean, you know, “grab”). I opened my cabinet and reached my hand up into…nothing.

“Damn, out of bowls, that’s weird, ” I thought to myself. I closed the cabinet, turned around, and reached for the dishwasher. Grabbing the handle I pulled and, “Huh? Why is this thing locked closed? I don’t remember running the dishwasher. Score, though, clean dishes.” With a resigned sigh (knowing that I now had to put the clean dishes away) I unlocked the dishwasher, opened the door, and thought, “What’s that sandy sound? Waitaminute, there’s still detergent in here. Why didn’t it wash away? Hey! These dishes are still dirty! What the huh?”

And then it dawned on me. I hadn’t run the dishwasher. In fact, I couldn’t even remember when I had intended to do so. Which means that it had been sitting here, in perpetual potential motion, delaying its cycle for who knows how long. It must have at least been before I went to LA this weekend, which further means that my dishwasher has been waiting for me to get tired of eating chips by the handful, juice from the bottle, and leftover Halloween candy for at least a week. The fact that I’ve gone that long without eating anything substantial enough to even require a fork is pretty special in its own right.

The fact that I took a bowl that “looked” clean and used it right out of the dishwwasher is even more so.

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